Energy Solutions-OTB, LLC is an energy management and project management consulting firm. Our team has a background working with commercial and industrial customers at a large Midwestern utility company. We know how to help you take advantage of incentives and opportunities and reduce your facility’s energy costs.



Our inventory of services include:

  • Developing comprehensive facility energy management plans;
  • Identifying energy improvement opportunities through energy audits and education;
  • Conducting “Energy Used in Production” state sales tax exemption audits;
  • Helping clients manage their energy costs by helping them understand their utility tariffs;
  • Conducting power factor correction studies and installing power factor correction system;
  • Design and conduct customized energy awareness training programs.

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Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of energy management and energy efficiency. Our unparalled and unbiased advice, backed by experience and expertise, and our willingness to “think outside the box” sets us apart from all other energy consulting companies.

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